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Paddle (or fish) your cares away


Sweet Owen Contributor

When the school bells ring for the final time and the traditional Memorial Day barbecues take place, it’s officially summertime in Owen County. Many residents flock to pools while others stay inside where it’s cool, but many will head out in watercraft of their choice to the many waterways Owen County provides.

Whether you own a pontoon, bass boat, or johnboat, there are many waterways to enjoy, including Kentucky River Pools 2 and 3, Elmer Davis Lake, and many creeks across the county with boating and fishing access. But for some, a less expensive way to fish and enjoy the water is in a canoe or kayak.

While canoeing is an ancient mode of transportation, it’s grown in popularity in recent years, especially during the pandemic when indoor-weary families sought recreational activities.

Owen County offers excellent fishing opportunities and public access points, with parking for canoes and kayaks, including the Kentucky River, Elmer Davis Lake, and Eagle Creek. Anglers will need a current Kentucky fishing license, and if using a watercraft with more than a paddle, they must have it licensed through their local county clerk’s office (this includes any trolling or gas motor).

June provides great fishing opportunities via canoe or kayak on Elmer Davis Lake from either of the two public ramps and access points. Anglers can expect great action catching bluegill, crappie, and bass near the bank’s weed beds and around structures using an artificial worm, white grub, or popeye tipped with a wax worm. Live bait, including minnows or red worms, never fails. River and creek anglers can catch small-mouth bass, redeye, and sunfish on a white or black rooster tail, plastic grub, or live bait.

Anglers should consult the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Fishing and Boating Guide for exact rules and regulations, as well as size and creel limits on fish.

With bait, sunscreen, a watercraft of your choice, and a little luck, you’ll make great memories with your family for years to come.

Photo by John Bramel


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