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Get to know. . . KENDAL BOWMAN: Owen County Extension Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources

Owen County Cooperative Extension Agent for Agriculture & Natural Resources Kendal Bowman (Photo courtesy of Tayler Williams)

Many may not know that the Owen County Cooperative Extension Office is one of the best-kept secrets in the county.

The Extension Office takes knowledge gained through research and education and brings it directly to the people to create positive changes.

Kendal Bowman serves as the Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent for Owen County. He is a partner in his family’s beef operation in Ford, Kentucky.

“Growing up, it seemed like I lived at the local Extension Office,” Kendal said. “I was involved in many 4-H clubs and was the treasurer of the horse club, even though a stick horse was the only horse I owned.”

Like many high school seniors, Kendal was unsure what lay ahead, torn between studying social work or agriculture. He chose to pursue degrees in animal science, horticulture, and livestock management, ultimately living the best of both worlds “by being out on farms helping producers.”

“Having the heart to serve others and a work ethic is the key to this job,” he added.

At one point, Kendal worked two jobs in addition to the farm while attending school and is currently working to achieve a master’s degree.

He wears many hats in his position at the Owen County Extension Office, serving on numerous boards, though his primary focus is the farmers and agribusiness.

“No two days are the same,” he said. “Some days, I start by representing agriculture at a local Chamber of Commerce meeting, and other days by assisting a cattle producer in improving his herd health or identifying a bug that’s eating someone’s tomato plants and finish the day by teaching a class to new farmers.”

The many agriculture services the Owen County Cooperative Extension Office provides include farm visits, educational classes, recommendations, soil testing, plant disease, plant identification, feed analysis, ration balancing, forage testing, farm management and planning, and agribusiness.

The office also loans such tools as soil probes, hay temperature/moisture probes, hay testing probes, a battery fence staple gun, and an electric honey extractor.

Whether you have 500 acres or a backyard garden, Kendal is here to help. ϖ

KENDAL BOWMAN, FAR RIGHT, hosts a recent Eastern Kentucky University Beef Production Class at Owen County’s Eden Shale Farm. Bowman has served as the Owen County Cooperative Extension Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources since 2019. — Photo courtesy of the Agriculture Department at Eastern Kentucky University


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